Ongoing Projects


School Health Screening Program

The goal of HDF School Health Program is to promote healthy youth and a healthy community.

1) Detection and referral of health problems of primary school children:
a) 100% Screening of primary school students
b) 100 % referral of identified students to concerned specialty
c) 80% of referred students will get consultation from concerned specialist

2) Prevention of communicable diseases
a) 100% complete immunization of students entering the schools

3) Creating a healthy environment for children at school
a) 100% of teachers will be educated about importance of clean drinking water.
b) 100% of students will be educated about importance of using proper latrines.
c) 100% of students will be educated about the basic principles of hygiene.

4) Development of healthy attitudes and health behaviors by students
a) 100% of students will be given Health Education about the importance of Physical Training/Sports.
b) 100% of students will be given Health Education about the hazards of smoking.
c) 100% of the students will be given Health Education about the importance, spread etc of Hepatitis/AIDS


HDF Biosand Filter Project


40% of all disease in Pakistan is due to conditions arising fromunsafe drinking water. Human Development Foundation is implementing a simple, cost effective solution into for safe drinking water communities throughout Pakistan. HDF sustainable enviroment initative provides training to build and maintain Biosand Filters, seen photo above as well as video and diagram below. For the low cost of $50 in locally available materials, a family can rely on safe drinking water for a lifetime.


The BioSand filter is an innovation on traditional slow sand water filters. It allows for intermittent operation at a household level. The filter can be constructed locally anywhere in the world because it is built using materials that are readily available. It is simply a concrete container, enclosing layers of sand and gravel whose purpose is to eliminate sediments,pathogens and other impurities from the water.

The BioSand Filter is proven to almost entirely remove the disease-causing organisms found in water. It removes 100% of parasites and over 95% of bacteria. It also removes nearly all suspended sediments, and is capable of removing significant amounts of organic and some inorganic compounds.

The BioSand filter allows for a sufficient amount of water to be treated for drinking,personal hygiene and cleaning purposes.

Latest Reports

Overall HDF Biosads Filter Project Progress Report DEC2010

Field Report Tando Muhammod Khan DEC2010

Field Report Rahim Yar Kar OCT2010


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